Sun Bum’s Commitment to Sun Education Shines in Miami

The event marks the end of Skin Cancer Awareness Month with a focus on sunscreen use.
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Sun Bum’s Commitment to Sun Education Shines in Miami

The Just Use Sunscreen campaign, launched ahead of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, has seen Sun Bum rolling out several initiatives. These include a partnership with the Skin Cancer Foundation to provide free skin exams to the public in San Diego and a series of beach hangouts across the country offering free education and SPF. The campaign also made a strong push on social media, partnering with dermatology experts and local personalities to amplify its reach.

Commitment to Sun Protection

Evan Slater, CMO at Sun Bum, emphasized the brand's dedication to sun protection, stating, “During Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and now leading into summer, we've been able to give out tens of thousands of free samples of SPF. Knowing that the 2000 people who joined us today are now protected from the Florida sun's harmful rays is incredibly rewarding. Our goal has always been clear: to protect people from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure, regardless of the brand they choose.”

Sun Bum's Miami event unites community.

A Day of Community and Celebration

The event brought together over 2000 Miami locals, many of whom gathered early in the morning as preparations unfolded. As Sun Bum continues its beach events across the country this summer, those at home can tune into the brand's latest Spotify playlist, featuring all the music from the Miami Beach event, to soak up the vibes and prepare for their local stop.

Sun Bum's commitment to sun safety

Looking Ahead

Sun Bum's commitment to sun safety and education remains unwavering. The brand continues to explore new and engaging ways to protect the community from excessive sun exposure. To explore Sun Bum's range of sun protection products and learn how to stay safe under the sun, visit