SNIPES Undergoes Leadership Transformation with Sven Voth's Transition

Voth to Remain in Founder Role Focusing on Brand Expansion and Collaboration
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SNIPES Undergoes Leadership Transformation with Sven Voth's Transition

Sven Voth, the entrepreneurial mind behind the renowned sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES, has announced a significant change in his role within the company. Set for January 1, 2026, Voth will step back from his current responsibilities, transitioning into an advisory role after a dedicated period focused on the brand's expansion and innovation.

A Two-Year Plan for Leadership Transition

Until the transition, Voth will continue to contribute to SNIPES, focusing on areas such as expansion, wholesale, product trends, innovation, and collaborations, both in Europe and the United States. This two-year phase will ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities and maintain the brand's growth trajectory.

Dennis Schröder Takes the Helm in Europe

Effective immediately, Dennis Schröder, who has been serving as the General Manager of SNIPES Europe since April 2023, will succeed Voth. Schröder will now assume full responsibility for SNIPES operations in Europe, carrying forward the legacy and strategic vision set by Voth. In the US, Jim Bojko will continue to oversee the brand’s operations.

Sven Voth's Journey with SNIPES

After selling the majority stake of SNIPES to the DEICHMANN Group in 2011, Voth remained a pivotal figure in the brand’s development. He founded SNIPES in Essen in 1998 and transformed it into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise with more than 750 stores across 12 countries. Even after divesting his last shares, Voth will stay connected with the brand, supporting its ongoing growth and success.

SNIPES: A Legacy of Growth and Innovation

Reflecting on his time with SNIPES, Voth expressed a deep connection with the brand he created. "SNIPES is my life's work and will always be a part of me," he said. Confident in the abilities of Dennis Schröder and Jim Bojko, Voth is optimistic about the brand's future, foreseeing continued innovation and expansion under their guidance. The transition marks a new chapter for SNIPES, promising to uphold its legacy while embracing new ideas and opportunities for growth.