Tati, Aylin, and Jimmy Levy Unite for Soulful Single 'Someone' Under Carbon Fiber Music

The collaboration showcases a fusion of genres with a message of faith and social awareness.
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Tati, Aylin, and Jimmy Levy Unite for Soulful Single 'Someone' Under Carbon Fiber Music

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In an exciting development for music enthusiasts, the remarkably talented artist Tati has joined forces with the emerging songstress Aylin and the insightful Jimmy Levy on a soulful new single titled “Someone.” This latest musical offering is brought to life under the auspices of the global superstar Farruko's renowned label, Carbon Fiber Music, and has already made its way to all digital platforms for fans to enjoy.

(From left to right: Jimmy Levy, Aylin, Tati)
(From left to right: Jimmy Levy, Aylin, Tati)

A Unique Musical Blend

“Someone” stands out as a unique blend of electronic and afrobeat music, showcasing the distinctive and melodious vocals of Aylin and Tati. The production, helmed by Ulloa, not only highlights an exceptional creative endeavor but also aims to capture the hearts of listeners with its intimate and emotional resonance. Adding to the track's depth and appeal, Jimmy Levy contributes his voice, known for his commitment to blending music with messages of political and social significance and a strong emphasis on faith.

Visual Storytelling

Accompanying the release, the music video directed by Smalldy offers a visual treat that complements the song's emotional core. Set against the backdrop of a dimly lit bedroom, the artists share their vulnerability through their performance, enhanced by a minimalist approach and the symbolic presence of a soft rainfall, echoing the raw emotions of the song's lyrics.

Rising Stars in the Music World

Tati, born Franklin Orlando Martinez Jr., is making waves as a versatile new talent in the music industry. Hailing from Miami, a city rich in Latin American culture, Tati brings a unique sound and style to the scene, with three years of experience under his belt. His recent track, “Grateful,” also under Carbon Fiber Music, has garnered significant attention, amassing over 130 thousand views and showcasing his growing appeal.

Aylin, on the other hand, continues to build her repertoire with Carbon Fiber Music, following the success of her hit “Paranoia,” which has surpassed 1 million views. “Someone” not only represents a significant step forward for her but also highlights Carbon Fiber Music's impactful presence in the industry. The track is poised to be a part of an upcoming album that will feature both this and new tracks produced by the label, promising more exciting developments for fans and the music community alike.