The Maestro on Tour: Arthur Hanlon's U.S. Concert Series and New EP Release

Hanlon's new single promises to leave a lasting impression on Latin pop music
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The Maestro on Tour: Arthur Hanlon's U.S. Concert Series and New EP Release

In a dazzling blend of pianistic prowess and Latin musical charm, Arthur Hanlon, together with Loud And Live and SBS, is set to captivate audiences across the United States with an intimate concert series. Fresh off the heels of his two successful HBO specials, "Piano y Mujer" and "Piano y Mujer II," Hanlon's upcoming tour is the talk of the town. With his new EP "Pop Legacies" released under Sony, featuring the evocative single "Todo Cambió" with the talented Mariángela, Hanlon's tour is already shaping up to be an unforgettable musical journey.

The concert series will grace stages in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, offering fans a chance to experience Hanlon's artistry up close. Having enthralled audiences in Bogotá and Santiago, Arthur's tour in the U.S. begins in Miami on February 21, followed by a show in New York on February 29, and culminating in Los Angeles on March 2. Music lovers can snag their tickets—which are on sale as of November 3 at venues like Sony Hall in New York, The Sun Rose in Los Angeles, and Miami's Faena Theater—promising an enchanting evening with the maestro.

Arthur Hanlon's name has become synonymous with musical excellence, his skill at the piano unmatched. With a career that started in the club scenes of Detroit at the tender age of 15, Hanlon's dedication to live performances remains undiminished. "Nothing makes me happier than playing live," says Hanlon, who promises a "real" music-making experience at these intimate venues.

Despite his Irish-American heritage, Hanlon's heart beats in tune with Latin rhythms, earning him a unique spot in music history as the only pianist to top the Billboard's Latin charts and achieve multiple Hot Latin Songs hits. His mastery, enhanced by a master's degree in piano performance from the Manhattan School of Music, fuses the raw energy of Detroit streets with the refined flourishes of classical music, all set to irresistible Latin beats.

With "Legados: Bachata," his latest tribute to Latin music's cherished hits, Hanlon pays homage to the genre's legends like Juan Luis Guerra and Romeo Santos. This album, featuring tracks like "Darte un Beso" with Peter Nieto, is a testament to his twenty-year commitment to Latin music.

Beyond his live performances and recording achievements, "Piano y Mujer II" remains available for global audiences on HBO, showcasing Hanlon's collaborations with iconic singers including Ivy Queen and Debi Nova. This special and the preceding album highlight Hanlon's flair for bringing new life to celebrated Latin hits.

As tickets go live and fans gear up for a tour that promises both intimacy and intensity, Arthur Hanlon stands as a bridge between cultures, his music a celebration of Latin legacies, his concerts a journey into the soul of the piano.