The Mortal Prophets Announce Anticipated EP, Featuring Hit Single "Sleeping In My Bed"

"Sleeping In My Bed" to Premiere Ahead of EP Release on March 15 via All DSPs
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The Mortal Prophets Announce Anticipated EP, Featuring Hit Single "Sleeping In My Bed"

Listen to "Sleeping in My Bed".

John Beckmann, the innovative force behind The Mortal Prophets, has released his latest work, the "Sleeping in My Bed" EP. Following the success of last summer's "Dealey Plaza Blues," this new six-song collection, set for release on March 15, reaffirms Beckmann's status as a boundary-pushing artist in the experimental rock scene. The EP, heralded by the release of its captivating title track, showcases Beckmann's unique approach to music-making.

John Beckmann: A Trailblazing Songwriter

John Beckmann has firmly established himself as a leading figure in the realm of songwriting in the United States. His latest release is a testament to his mastery of the craft, featuring a series of memorable tracks that resonate with listeners. Beckmann's ability to blend diverse styles into his music is evident, with each song in the EP originating from a unique stylistic space yet harmoniously unified in its artistic vision.

Exploring the Tracks of "Sleeping in My Bed"

The EP opens with "A Gun and a Prayer," a track that immerses listeners in an atmosphere of American dread, reminiscent of Morricone's cinematic soundscapes. The title track, "Sleeping in My Bed," is a sultry, soul-infused number enriched with saxophone and a sense of danger, evoking the feeling of a dimly lit bar in the early hours. "Tom Waits in Drag" and "Hell or High Water" further showcase Beckmann's prowess in storytelling through music, leading the listener down a path of yearning and obsession.

A Modern Take on Classic American Songwriting

"The Mortal Prophets" EP represents a contemporary reimagining of classic American songwriting. Beckmann's work stands out for its fearless portrayal of a fractured world, juxtaposed with a deep adherence to the principles of traditional songcraft. This EP is not just a showcase of Beckmann's artistic skill but also resonates with the national psyche and the human condition, making it a poignant and compelling addition to the landscape of modern music.