The Perfect Wellness Day in New York City

Head-to-toe (literally) recommendations to add to your itinerary
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The Perfect Wellness Day in New York City

Finding breaks from the constant hustle and bustle of New York City is key to preserving that inner peace we all crave in this fast-paced capital. In the middle of the city's tall buildings and busy roads you can find a vast world of beauty and wellness spots to step away from the chaos and recharge. Relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, or all-encompassing wellness centers are just a few of the ways these spots provide a mental and physical escape from the grind. We got to try some of the top rated wellness and beauty spots–here are the ones we actually recommend.

Photo credits: World Spa

World Spa

Opened December 8, 2022, Brooklyn's World Spa is a 50,000 square feet mega-sanctuary which provides a wide range of rejuvenating services. Guests are welcomed by a peaceful ambience as soon as they walk in. The spa offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of each unique client, from rejuvenating facials to revitalizing massages. Thanks to Tiktok, we had to check it out for ourselves.

By integrating real spa experiences from all over the world—including Eastern European banyas, Finnish saunas, Turkish and Moroccan hammams, purifying Himalayan salt therapy, Japanese onsens, an infrared room, and a variety of saunas, steam rooms, and pools—World Spa takes guests into a cultural oasis and creates an escape away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. You can also find private hammams and banyas accessible for visitors who prefer more seclusion. A truly unique experience for the senses is guaranteed at World Spa with every visit.

Location: 1571 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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Photo Credits:  Brittany Blancato

YH Science and Beauty

In the office of Dr. Yael Halaas: Science & Beauty, we met Brittany Blancato–an Aesthetic Science Institute graduate. Blancato’s dedication distinguished her path in aesthetics a decade ago. Her move to New York City helped her gain acclaim and solidified her partnership with plastic surgeon, Dr. Yael Halaas. Her recognition from magazines such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and NewBeauty highlights her creative methods and commitment to her clients.

Blancato is highly regarded in the industry due to her exceptional commitment to her clients and her continuous pursuit of quality. Blancato's journey, which took her from upstate New York to the busy streets of Manhattan, is proof of the strength that talent, persistence, and steadfast dedication can offer.

Blancato's trademark treatments are the Hydrafacial and the B-Wed facial. In order to restore and regenerate the skin, the B-Wed facial offers a thorough skin care plan that combines massage, heat, cryo, electroporation, and a hydrafacial. In addition, Blancato's signature treatment, the Hydrafacial, uses cutting-edge vortex fusion technology to exfoliate, cleanse, and restore the skin. We were thrilled to be able to experience a Hydrafacial first-hand! If you’re looking for a transformative skin treatment, give Brittany a call.

Location: 120 E. 56th Street, Eighth Floor, New York, NY 10022

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Photo credits: GuiFei Spa

GuiFei Spa

I’m sure if you’ve been on the wellness side of the internet at all, you’ve seen one of those viral head spa videos. Good news, there’s one in New York and it’s definitely worth a try. In Flushing, NY you’ll find GuiFei Spa which provides a luxurious experience to those seeking relaxation and scalp renewal. Situated in the basement of 136-89 37th Avenue, the spa takes clients to a world of peace with its head massage treatments, which have grown in popularity as a result of viral trends on social platforms. The staff welcomes clients and walks them through the treatment options, which range from 40-minute sessions to hour-long treatments. While details on hair kinds and pricing may be obscure, the service promises a full scalp cleanse and massage with customized products tailored to individual needs for $48 plus tip.

On entering the space of the basement, guests are treated to a sensory journey as talented technicians work their magic. The scalp massage, followed by a deep wash and tea tree oil-based shampoo, offers a break from all the hustle of city life. The experience leaves guests feeling renewed and invigorated, with an unexpected look into the intricacies of their own scalps thanks to a video inspection (fancy!). Despite not fully knowing what to expect until you experience it, the overall effect is one of calm and cleanliness. You'll leave feeling lighter in spirit ready to face the day with a renewed scalp and a bouncy blowout. 

Location: 136-89 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11354

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