The Perfect Wellness Day in West Hollywood

If you’re looking for the hottest, celeb-approved wellness spas, we got you covered
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The Perfect Wellness Day in West Hollywood

West Hollywood is not a stranger to wellness. Where the pursuit of a balanced mind, body, and soul is almost a way of life, there are a ton of options to choose from. We got to try two beloved spas near Melrose Avenue, conveniently located across the street from each other. By a harmonious fusion of contemporary luxury and timeless techniques, we’re uncovering the secrets that make Formula Fig Spa and Pause Studios the crème de la crème of wellness in Hollywood.

Photo credits: Formula Fig Website

Formula Fig

Melrose has a must-visit bar, but it’s probably not the kind of bar you’re thinking of. Formula Fig is known for its three-stop-shop for all your skincare needs. High-tech facials, injectables, and premium skincare products are combined to provide a best-in-class customized skincare package - all delivered by trusted professionals.

With its first location in Toronto, founder JJ Walsh chose to open a spot in Los Angeles, because she called it “the wellness capital of the world”. We agree.

Walsh, a former fashion editor known for her unique color scheme of greens and pinks, drew inspiration for this setting from old Hollywood art deco architecture and mixed it with sleek, geometric forms constructed from lavish and industrial materials. The space provides a range of treatments and injections administered by licensed medical professionals and guest industry leaders. In addition, they also offer brands to shop from like Asystem, Epi.logic, and Tronque.

Next time you need a facial fix, the All-in is a must try.

“It’s time to give a fig about your skin”

Photo credits: Pause Studio Website

Pause Studio

Pause Studio understands that life has no stop button. Located on Sycamore Ave, this is your one-stop-shop for all your body needs. In the current technology era, mind and body recovery calls for holistic and contemporary solutions. Pause Studio is revolutionizing one-stop wellness for today's demanding lifestyle by fusing the most cutting-edge recovery techniques in the world with imaginative design and first-class service.

Pause handpicks proven techniques, such as infrared sauna therapy, IV vitamin therapy (drips and shots), and more, to lower stress, boost creativity, sharpen attention, accelerate physical recovery, and increase performance. 

We had the opportunity to try the “RADIATE” IV Drip, Cryotherapy, and the Compression Therapy Boots. The wellness experience was nothing short of rejuvenating.

Formula Fig Spa and Pause Studios have left a lasting impression on our spirits, reminding us that it is crucial to take a moment to Pause, contemplate, and nourish ourselves from the inside despite the fast-paced life and hustle culture. These two impressive wellness destinations offer an important journey towards inner peace and well-being, whether you're a local looking for a brief break or a visitor seeking to experience the pinnacle of holistic rejuvenation. If you ever find yourself in West Hollywood, take a day to visit the world of Formula Fig Spa and Pause Studios, where self-care is elevated to an art form and wellness is pursued to the highest level.