Urban Music Revolution: Blessd's Latest Album 'SI SABE' Released

A Showcase of Diverse Urban Beats and Collaborations
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Urban Music Revolution: Blessd's Latest Album 'SI SABE' Released

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"SI SABE," the latest album from urban music artist Blessd, is a collection of 14 songs that demonstrate his versatility as an artist. This album stands out for its collaborations with some of the genre's most significant figures, such as Feid, Peso Pluma, Ryan Castro, Bryant Myers, Hades66, Jory Boy, YOVNGCHIMI, Neutro Shorty, NLE Choppa, Pirlo, and Leka El Poeta. A highlight of the album is the track “Si Sabe Ferxxo,” a collaboration between Colombian urban artists Blessd and Feid, which is expected to become a global anthem. The music video for this song, produced by DYPA Films and directed by Deivy Patiño, marks another step in Blessd's journey to strengthen his musical project and his stance in the music industry.

Blessd's Album - Diverse Urban Sounds, Production Mastery
Blessd's Album - Diverse Urban Sounds, Production Mastery

Diverse Sounds and Production Excellence

The album showcases a wide array of sounds and variations within the urban genre, mixing different influences that have marked Blessd's career from the beginning. The technical and aesthetic details in the production are meticulously crafted, presenting a collection of songs that signify a high point in Blessd's career. The album also boasts collaborations with heavyweight producers like Sky Rompiendo, ICON, The Prodigiez, Foreign Teck, SOG, Mr. Naisgai, Subelo NEO, and Kronix Magikal, further solidifying its impact.

A Unique Football Match with Ronaldinho Gaucho

In a unique promotional event for the album, Blessd joined forces with soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaucho for an exhibition match on January 25. The game featured both icons as team captains, alongside other notable figures like La Brujita Verón from Argentina, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal from Colombia, and the legendary Brazilian goalkeeper Dida. This event not only celebrated the album's release but also brought together stars from the worlds of music and sports, offering a spectacular show to the audience.

Broadcasting the Event

The football match was broadcasted by Westcol, one of the world's most prominent streamers and the number one in Colombia. This broadcast allowed fans from all over to witness the fusion of music and sports, further highlighting the cultural impact of Blessd's new album.

With "SI SABE," Blessd continues to make significant strides in the urban music scene, combining his artistic talents with collaboration and innovation, setting a new standard in the genre.