Víctor Manuelle Unveils "Retromàntico" – A New Era in Romantic Salsa

The album draws inspiration from the golden era of salsa, promising a heartfelt experience for genre enthusiasts.
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Víctor Manuelle Unveils "Retromàntico" – A New Era in Romantic Salsa

Salsa icon Víctor Manuelle has unveiled his eagerly anticipated album "Retromàntico", a nod to the golden age of romantic salsa. Released across all digital platforms, this album is designed to stir the souls of salsa enthusiasts with its nostalgic flair and deep emotional impact.

"Otra Noche Más" Tops Charts

Chart-Topping Collaborations

Leading the album is the successful single "Otra Noche Más", marking a historic collaboration with the legendary Frankie Ruiz. This track has quickly climbed to the top of the charts in the United States, Peru, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, securing Víctor Manuelle's position as the salsa artist with the most top 10 hits on Billboard's Tropical Airplay chart. "This collaboration is a heartfelt tribute to one of my favorite artists," commented Víctor Manuelle.

Stellar Duets and Songwriting

Stellar Duets and Songwriting

The album showcases a selection of ten meticulously chosen tracks. Notable collaborations include "Cosas del Amor" with Tito Nieves and "Casi Perfecta" featuring Johnny Rivera. The song "Vamos a romper la noche", penned by famed songwriter Omar Alfanno and performed with Gilberto Santa Rosa, adds a dynamic layer to the album. Other significant contributions come from Willie González on “No queria Mentir” and Maelo Ruiz on "Me fallaron los dos".

A Diverse Musical Experience

Additional singles such as "En 4 días", "Los hombres también lloran", and "Otro Intento" enrich the album's variety, alongside "Si volviera Jesús", a thought-provoking piece by Jorge Luis Piloto. Víctor Manuelle expresses his gratitude for the unique contributions from his musical companions: "It's been a privilege to work with such amazing talent, each adding their own touch to this diverse and vibrant collection."

A Tribute to Salsa Romance

"Retromàntico" is more than just a collection of songs; it's a deep dive into the passionate and romantic ethos of salsa. "This album is a tribute to the genre I adore and am committed to defending," Víctor Manuelle explains, hoping that each track resonates deeply with listeners. The album is a meticulous production that not only celebrates his roots but also aims to reconnect listeners with the passionate romance of salsa.

Connecting with Fans

In conjunction with the album, Víctor Manuelle has launched a new website,, where fans can access exclusive content, tour information, and more. This portal aims to enhance the connection between the artist and his global fan base, celebrating the enduring spirit of romantic salsa.

"Retromàntico" represents a pivotal moment for Víctor Manuelle, as he revives and champions the beloved sounds of romantic salsa, promising to captivate and engage salsa lovers worldwide.