Villano Antillano Shines in NPR's Tiny Desk Showcase

NPR's Acclaimed Series Welcomes the Unique Sounds of Villano Antillano.
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Villano Antillano Shines in NPR's Tiny Desk Showcase

Listen to Latest Single “CUERO” Here

The vibrant beats of Puerto Rican rap met the iconic NPR's Tiny Desk, as Villano Antillano showcased her lyricism and sensuality. This performance was part of "El Tiny", NPR's special series celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with eight standout Latino artists.

Gracefully dressed in white, accompanied by a trio of musicians and harmonizing backup vocalists, Villano kicked off her set with the poignant "Yo Tengo un Novio" from her debut album, "La Subtancia X." Through the track, she delves into the complex narrative of toxic relationships, recounting her personal journey. She relayed to the audience that this song is emblematic of the empowerment women find when they break free from oppressive relationships.

"Kaleidoscópica" was next, a heart-rending ode to Puerto Rico's queer community, highlighting the harrowing reality of substance abuse as a means of escape. But it wasn't all heavy; Villano seized the stage to debut "Cuero," her latest single. A provocative blend of sensuality with personal stories and intriguing anime samples, she describes it as an exploration of one's "subconsciousness."

Her tracklist further included "Cáscara de Coco" from "La Substance X", and, in a touching twist, a segment from the religious song "Against wind, tide, and storm." The inclusion speaks to Villano's church upbringing and the ongoing dialogue of inclusivity within religious spaces. "Often, spaces in churches don't accommodate people like us, yet the teachings and social ethos are ingrained in us," Villano remarked.

The curators behind "El Tiny", Anamaria Sayre and Felix Contreras of NPR's Alt.Latino, have the challenging task of encapsulating the rich tapestry of Latin musical expression each year. Contreras notes, "Every year presents the challenge of selecting artists that truly reflect the vast talent out there."

With the Tiny Desk concert series boasting 16 million monthly views, talents like Villano Antillano aren't just showcased; they resonate, reverberate, and redefine the global music landscape.