ViX and Ihtzi Hurtado Partner for a Hilarious and Heartwarming Rom-Com

Heartwarming Stories and Laughter: Hurtado's Latest with ViX
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ViX and Ihtzi Hurtado Partner for a Hilarious and Heartwarming Rom-Com

In an exciting exclusive, Alejandra Medina from FAME Magazine sat down for a candid conversation with the talented Ihtzi Hurtado. Known for her creativity and unique style, Hurtado has made waves in the Latin American comedy genre, and she is now shedding light on her upcoming romantic comedy project.

A Blossoming Romantic Comedy

"¿QUIERES SER MI… HIJO?" is a delightful rom-com set to star the famous Mexican vlogger and comedian JuanPa Zurita alongside Ludwika Paleta. The film, an original production by ViX, promises laughter, love, and a refreshing look at modern relationships. While audiences are eagerly waiting, the release date will soon be announced.

About Ihtzi Hurtado

Ihtzi Hurtado stands out as a director and screenwriter who has rapidly garnered attention for her contributions to comedy in the Latin American market. Her debut film, "Locas por el Cambio" (2020), was the first original Mexican movie on Amazon Prime for the world. This achievement was swiftly followed by her direction of the first season of "Cecilia" (2021), one of the inaugural series of Paramount Plus for the Latin American market.

By the end of 2022, she released her second feature film, a Netflix Original titled "El Guau," which received high praise from audiences worldwide. Soon, viewers will be treated to her third feature film, "¿Quieres ser mi hijo?" for ViX, and she is already in the development stage for two more films set to release in 2023-24.

The release of "¿QUIERES SER MI… HIJO?" is a celebration of Hurtado’s trailblazing journey, highlighting her commitment to bringing fresh, engaging stories to the world of Mexican and Latin American cinema. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release date and join us in anticipation for a film that is sure to warm hearts and incite laughter across the globe.